Thursday, 20 September 2012

[REL] Dead Rising 1 Transceiver in GTA SA

Yep I have another item from the first Dead Rising game. :) This mod will replace the cellphone with the Transceiver that Frank used in DR1.I hope you enjoy it :)

Download link:

Well this is my last model rig done for the night.Expect more models tommorrow guys :)

[REL] Frank's Dead Rising 1 Camera

Yep I got another little weapon/item mod for you.This mod will replace the GTA SA camera with Frank West's camera from the first Dead Rising game that was on the Xbox 360!Also as you can see on one of the pics,I even managed to use the texture in the models files to add the picture viewer menu.Thats one of the textures from the game!Anyway I hope you enjoy this little mod.I love this camera more that the GTA SA one! XD

Download link:

Expect more DR1 weapons and items in GTA SA soon!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

[REL] Wesker's Samurai Edge Silver Version!

Wow it's been a while since I released anything hasn't it?Anyway I am back.Now I present to you my first weapon mod. Alber Wesker's Samurai Edge in Silver for GTA SA.This replaces the Desert Eagle,but can also replace the pistol if you change the name of the dff and txd.

Download Link:

Credits to this guy on Deviant Art because this is where I got the model for the Silver Samurai Edge of Wesker's from.Also credit to the guy he got the model from too.

Hope you enjoy this guys. :)