Monday, 31 March 2014

[REL-GTA SA] MGS4 Young Snake face camo on the Resistance member Act 3 outfit (Celebrating over 100.000 views on the blog!)

So as the title suggests this is a release to celebrate over 100,000 views on this blog! I'd like to thank all of you who have followed the blog since it started and a thank you to all the people who have loved the mods I have done. This model uses custom bump maps since the originals didn't come with the static model's DL. Also the eye brows are sort of weird like that in the pics because of how GTA SA renders alpha textures. If they bother you guys that much I may invest in to some photoshop work to put them on to his main face texture to solve the issue. Anyway I hope you enjoy the model never the less. Oh and before I forget. The behind view had the model holding the P90 from MGS4 I rigged a while ago. So that's why the right of the pic may look weird. Anyway enjoy!

Download link:

Saturday, 29 March 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Doctor Who Mesh Modded Amy/Amelia Pond

So this was a request by Redbear from the Project Gaming community. They wanted a Amy Pond skin looking exactly like this. The models are from the Doctor Who Adventure games. The jeans and trainers are from the shirt outfit model and the rest of the model is from the jeans skirt model. I just mesh modded both together to make this model. So I am gonna release it to all of you guys too. It also includes the bump maps in the txd for those of you who use the normal maps plugin mod too. :)

Download link:

Please report any bugs you may find on this model. Thank you :)

Friday, 28 March 2014

[WIP] Custom MGS4 MGO2 character pack

So with the first custom MGO2 character rigged. I thought I'd do some more. Mix and match a few things, edit some textures and so on. Here is one of them I am working on right now. Render from 3ds max. If you want any of your old MGO2 chars recreated for GTA SA, then provide a pic or a description of what youe char wore and such. And if the models are there I'll try to recreate them. :)

[REL-GTA SA] Custom MGS4 MGO2 White Male A model

So with thisistheend being able to extract most of the MGO2 player characters, outfits and items, I decided to through some random outfits together on the bearded white male model. I think it came out alright. Also he managed to get Japan only exclusive items, like the Regain shirt and the regain bottle hat thing. Anyway this is first custom one I have thrown together. If any of you who played MGS4's MGO2 and had a character you used a lot, I'll be happy to find the outfit models for it and recreate it in GTA SA for you. So yeah hope you enjoy this and feel free to request your MGO2 char being redone as a ped for GTA SA. :) Also it includes the original bump maps too. So you can use it with the normal maps plugin mod. :)

Feel free to report any bugs if you notice them. Either on the comments on this post or on the chat box. Anyway hope you enjoy this! :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

[NEWS] & [WIP] MGS4 Big Boss news and progress

So the riggning for BB is a lot tougher than expected. His legs are a pain in the butt to work with. His coat/jacket obscures a lot of the bugs, so it is darn hard to get to them. For the most part in game he looks good. Though it is weird. His more HD jacket and face texture look bad. HD face that is 1024x1024 and Jacket which is the same size look way too different in colour. But his other face aka the 512x512 and his small sized jacket texture look better ad much closer to the colour in game in the cutscenes. As you can see on the pics it looks really close. Though the person who extracted the textures ay have exported them at the wrong sizes. So that may change if someone fixes that. Anyway when BB is done I will release a texture with both the lower quality textures and the high ones. SO at least then you can choose between them and which one you like better. Well anyway here is how he looks in game thus far.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

[WIP] MGS4 Big Boss

Yes you read that right. Big Boss' model have be extracted and converted out by Frankster on the facepunch forums. So now he can be slapped in to GTA SA for SAMP servers and stuff. Also on the subject of MGS. Seems Ground Zeroes is easier to hack than past Metal Gear games. So we may see some models from that game soon. So yeah for now enjoy a shot of BB. :)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

[REL-GTA SA] MGS4 Old Snake in the Altair Outfit

"Nothing is true, everything is solid" Bad puns aside I present to you Old Snake in the Altair outfit from MGS4. This outfit was one of my favourite unlockables from the game. Now we can use it in GTA SA! So I hope you have fun with this. It has custom bump maps apart from the face, since the originals for the rest of the model textures haven't been extracted yet. Anyway if you have the normal map plug in mod, you'll enjoy this model even more.

Download link:

I must say, that this was done late last night, but I couldn't get it uploaded. So if you do spot any silly bugs I've missed, then please do report them to me. Thank you.