Saturday, 30 August 2014

[WIP] The 11th/12th Doctor's TARDIS

So I have been working on this vehicle mod since last night. Replaces the seasparrow with the 11th/12th Doctor's TARDIS. Has new collision and shadow to match the model. So no invisible rotor blades hitting walls now. The shadow needs a bit of work. The door needs to be edited to open the other way and the player and passenger need to be edited so their legs aren't sticking out of the TARDIS. I will also be looking for help on creating a cleo mod with this. Where this will be both a flyable TARDIS with sounds and the light working, as well being enterable, with a newly imported interior model to match aka 11's control room from the start of Series 5. And if it is possible, make it so once you are in the interior, you can fly it from the inside and end up at random locations on the GTA SA map as well as pick places to land/ I doubt the latter can be done, but we'll see. Something similar to this was done many years ago and it was working well, but then nobody bothered to finish it off. Also speaking of which I will see if I can get someone to do a cleo for the Sonic Screwdriver, so it locks and opens doors. So have it so it can open car doors that are locked and interiors you can only access on missions. More work but if it can be done and the person I find to do the cleo is happy to do it. We can get some fun little things appearing regarding this thing. :)

Monday, 25 August 2014

[REL- GTA SA] Trigun - Vash the Stampede

So here is another request done. I have no idea who the character is or what anime he is from, but this was done for Ryu. So here you go buddy. I can't see any bugs on this one, but tell me if you spot any.

Click to download Vash

Sunday, 24 August 2014

[REL- GTA SA] Dead Rising Sophie Richards

So here is the final female from DR1 Dsg requested. Finally got her rigged without any bugs. But I might have missed one. So if you spot any tell me so I can fix them up. :) Anyway as always it comes with it's bump maps for use with the normal maps plugin mod. So i hope you all enjoy this. :)

Download link:

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

[WIP] 10th Doctor David Tennant in the 9th Doctor's/Christoper Eccleston's outfit

So I am back again with something that has been mesh modded. Many of you may remember the DT model I rigged way back like last year. The model that was made from scratch by a awesome guy on DA. Well I have meshed it with other models to re-create the 9th doctor's outfit with the black shirt he wore in the episode where he changed to the 10th. I know a few things are missing, like the jacket pockets and the pants need to be a bit darker, also there is nothing I can do about the hair to match the newly regenerated 10th doctor's hair at the end of series 1 of DW from 2005. Unless I spend a lot of time with trial and error to get something similar. Hmm we'll see. Anyway this might be a while, but I thought I'd share it with you guys anyway. Also below is a run down of the models used to make this.

Update: Finally added in the pockets. Not the best but at least they are there. Nearly done with this. Will rig it soon. Also new pics added to replace the old one too.

Custom made David Tennant.
Frank West's DR1 default outfit.
Shirt is from the Fallout Who Vegas mod and so is the texture that was purple. I re-coloured it to be black.

The the rest of it is re-colouring. :)

Monday, 11 August 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising Frank West in his blue boxers and Arthur's Boxers

So I dived back to DR1 for a model to rig. So why not do one the females will like too? So yeah worked on this, still buggy though. Might need a re-rig, we shall see. Anyway here are some screens of him in game so far. :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

[UPDATE] So just a quick update

So as you might've seen just now I have updated the banner of the blog to look more sexy. XD nice use of someones ENB right there, combined with the HRT HD textures and the normal maps plugin mod as well as some GTA 5 weapons mods someone did for GTA SA. But enough about my own personal mods I've downloaded. Update on some models, the chainsaw someone requested, I am doing it, just super busy with getting personal requests out the way first. So it will be done soon, also when I show off previews of the models with a released link they will be using this ENB mod. So don't worry. I haven't gone to a new game, it is the same old one. :) Anyway that's it. So stay awesome guys! :)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Ninjato blade

So this was a katana replacement mod request from a user on the Project Gaming community who asked me to do this for him. His username is Smokey. The ninjato model and original texture was made by a user for Skyrim, his/her name escapes me though. So full credit goes to him/her for the model and the original textures. The reskin of the hilt/handle goes to the requester called Smokey. Anyway there is a lack of blade mods for GTA SA apparently. Saw one ninjato mode made on the russian gta sa mod ste. But it appeared to be too long and too thin when compared to the blades IRL size. But anyway enough of my ramblings. Here is the model for you all to enjoy. :) Also before I forget, credits to Thomas Raymond aka Audi from the Project Gaming community who posed for the first pic. He is also a modder. Be sure to search up Audi in google or wait till I add his blog in to the favourite blog lists on my blog here. Anyway DL link and pics time. :)