Thursday, 31 May 2012

[REL] Luis Fernando Lopez in GTA SA

Hey guys I am back!I have rested up and 3DS Max is sorted now.So kick start off my return to rigging I have rigged up Luis Fernando Lopez!This is his original model from GTA 4 and not The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Download link.

Oh one little thing to be noted.There is a bug with his neck where it goes to far to the right (left if you look at the image) of his shoulder.I will fix that up as soon as I can.But the rest of the model is okay.Also it's great to be back guys.Expect more models from me as always!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

[NEWS] Going on a break...

Okay guys I am gonna be having a little break for a while as I have been getting a few headaches from working on this models.Plus I need to sort out my 3ds max licence as it runs out in 2 days as it is a trial.So I if I can I will release one model tommorrow before I take a break and get things sorted out.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

[NEWS and WIP] Some news and another WIP

Ok so I know I haven't released a lot of my WIPs yet.Thats due to me trying to get them rigged and getting frustrated with the bugs that keep showing up on them.I'll work on them soon enough.The Zero Suit Samus one I will work on when I get the female skeleton from GTA SA for that model as the male skeleton messes up samus' structure mainly the arms.Also I showed Deeay from RE ORC a while back but said I needed to fix his hair bug.I can not get it fixed though so it will be a while before I release Deeay.So sorry to the people wanting him.
Anyway heres another WIP of mine.

Psycho Chuck Greene without his Katey doll.
Theres a few bugs to fix on his.Like his jacket is attached to his face.and his overall body needs to be more in sync with the SA bones.Oh and don't worry about that white part on his hand.Thats just his missing watch texture there XD

So heres a list of the WIPs I have and how long and if I can fix them up.

Time:No idea yet.May be a while.
Bugs:Hair bugs

Zero Suit Samus
Time:Maybe a day or two.
Bugs:Arms being weird with a male skeleton.

DR1 Frank West
Time:No clue yet.
Bugs:The whole model is buggy and I need to see if I can really fix it up.

DR1 Cultist member
Time:Might not be long if I can get it to work nicely.
Bugs:The face and hood part.It may be left with that one bug as it doesn't seem fixable because the models layout.

DR2 OTR Psycho Chuck without his Katey doll
Time:Shouldn't take to long.
Bugs:Half of the model has some bugs.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

[NEWS] Some news on the rigging of DR1 Frank...

So I've maanaged to fix a few bugs on DR1 Frank.I have fixed the issue of his shoes joining together.But now another bug has come up where his textures have screwed up.So I will attempt to fix them as soon as I can. :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

[TEASER] Cultist member from the Cult in Dead Rising!

Heres a little teaser of another DR model I am rigging.It is one of the cultist members from the game!Pretty freaky these guys are.Even more so when you had to go through them in the DR game.I will hopefully fix a few bug issues on this and get it released tommorrow along with Frank. :)

Anyway heres a teaser pic :P

[REL] Brad Garrison from Dead Rising in GTA SA!

So I gave working on DR1 Frank a rest and converted and rigged Brad Garrison from DR1 instead.He weirdly fits in to GTA SA. XD
Heres the link

So yeah enjoy as always!
P.S.There is a bit of a strech on his hands.But it's nothing that will distract from using the model to much.I will take another crack at fixing his model some other time :) Until then enjoy this :)

[WIP] Update on Frank West from DR1!

Okay so after fitting all the peices of Frank's default model all together I got him rigged into GTA SA.But as you can see from this screen shot below I need to fix the bugs that have appeared on him.
So yeah I will try to fix him up today and get him released without any bugs on him.So keep a eye out for a release soon! :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

[WIP] Frank West from Dead Rising 1!

Yep I have got the models from DR1 an I am rigging up Frank West in his younger form to GTA SA!

Monday, 14 May 2012

[REL] Spiderman and Symbiote Spiderman in GTA SA!

Heres a little treat to celebrate over a 1,000 views so far!I present Spiderman and his symbiote outfit in GTA SA!

Spiderman Normal

Symbiote Spiderman
Download Link

Thursday, 10 May 2012

[REL] Left 4 Dead First Aid Kit and Pipe Bomb in GTA SA!

I have converted two things from L4D.The first aid kit and the pipe bomb!

Pipe Bomb

First Aid Kit

Heres the download link :)

The first aid kit replaces the health heart pick up by the way guys.Enjoy my first pick up and weapon mod :)

Oh yeah for some reason I can't seem to get the pipe bomb to appear in the players hand.So I just released it as it is.Will try to fix that soon :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

[REL] Deadpool and Grey Fox!

So these two were gonna be in a random rigs model pack .But because I need to sort 3ds max out I am just gonna release these two guys together!So enjoy!

Deadpool without Katanas (Rigged from UMvC3!)

Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid! (Model from Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Heres the link!

Enjoy the models guy.Also yes I will be rigging more RE ORC models too.Anyway keep an eye on the blog!

Monday, 7 May 2012

[NEWS] Delay on the model pack

Sorry to say that 3ds max has been going a bit crazy on me.So it will be a little bit longer before I get this model pack out.Well it was a model pack of 3 random models from different games.But anyway sorry for the people interested in seeing what the pack was gonna have.Just hold on till I get 3ds max sorted.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Thursday, 3 May 2012

[REL] Hunk from Resident Evil Operation Racoon City rigged to GTA SA!

Well guys I had some time today to rig another model.This time it is Hunk from Resident Evil Operation Racoon City!

Heres the DL link.Enjoy the model and give feedback be either commenting or leaving a message on the chatbox.

The next models I release will all be in a pack instead of these idividual ones for a while.So keep a eye out.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

[REL] Carlos from Resident Evil Operation Racoon City in GTA SA!

Ok so heres the first model I feel happy to release,This is Carlos from RE ORC and RE 3.I hope you enjoy this and please give feedback.

Heres the DL!Enjoy the model!

Enjoy the model!Keep an eye on this blog for more models being rigged soon!


Welcome to my modding blog.I am learning to rig models the best I can.So follow my blog if you wanna see what I will have to offer in the future! :)