Wednesday, 24 December 2014

[NEWS] Merry Christmas and Frank outfits update!

So guys I have been that busy this month that I have had no time for GTA SA stuff and no time for a quick christmas themed thing. So apologies for that. But I do have a update for the Frank over Niko mod. I have managed to replace one of the suit outfits in gta 4 with a suit from dr1 that has three different colours for the outfit model, So here are the pics! :)

Yeah there are a few issues with the balance on the models spec maps and such. Will be looking in to that soon as well as fixing up the bugs on his face too. Since no one messages me stating any bugs I got a friend to test it and he spotted a few for me. So there is that to look forward to next year probably. But yeah apologies again for not getting something Xmas themed done. But I can't do everything as much as I wanted to. So yeah Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

[REL-GTA 4] Frank fully rigged over Niko with face rig too! (Public beta test release)

So here it is, finally done. Well the best I could do but there may be bugs or things I missed. So this release will serve as a public beta test release. What this means guys is I want you to use this model and report any issues to me that need fixes. Since this is my first full over player model rig. It is bound to have bugs sadly. But as long as you guys test and give me info and pictures we can all work to full make this model rig 100% good. So for this I ask you to not make any videos with this model till it is 100% bug free. In this release you'll get default Frank from DR1, over Niko and his default outfit, and 2 of his dlc outfits that were basically texture reskins of his default outfit and a extra set of black pants from his man in black dlc outfit too. So test this a lot guys and help me to get it 100% nice looking. Thanks :)

Yes all the glasses work with him and some hats if you have simple native trainer to remove the defaul hait and make him bald. :)

So have fun testing! :)


Also once everything is fully 100% worked out with your guys help and surpport I will work on changing some of the fancier gta 4 suits with dr1 outfits as the default gta 4 ones don't work too well with Frank's all in one head. :)

Edit: No need to report bugs about the pants and jacket. I just saw them and those will be worked on soon. :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

[UPDATE] Update on the DR1 Frank to GTA 4 Rig

It's getting closer to being finished. But so much still needs to be done. The hair is still wip as it is appearing in a rather odd way and the face is gonna take a lot of time to rig. But yeah here is another WIP of how it is in game right now at this stage. :)

Friday, 12 December 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising 1 Frank West over Niko in GTA 4

Yep another rig is in the works and this time it is Frank West over Niko in GTA 4. The outfit is nearly done, minus the shoes, it's just his hands, head, mouth and hair that are left and boy those are gonna be a challenge. But yeah enjoy some In game screen shots of it so far, for now. :)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

REL-GTA 4 TLAD] Johnny in his old original outfit from GTA 4's main story Version 1

So here it is. Finally done. It still has some bugs on it, but it is stable enough to be released at least. These bugs are a few clipping issues and the pants still being a bit too shiny when they shouldn't be. When I learn more of how GTA 4 handles stuff I will defiantly fix this up. But for now here is the V1 release for you guys to have fun with and road test. Enjoy! :)

Lost MC Forever! (Click here to download)

Like always report any bugs that I myself haven't noticed besides the clipping and pants being a bit too shiny still. Thanks and enjoy!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

[WIP] First GTA 4 rig Johnny Klebitz from TLAD in his old GTA 4 outfit

Update 10/12/2014!
I have finally got all the models rigged together and now they look good. though for some reason I can't get rid of the over shiny look to the models. Will have to look at it more tomorrow. But for now here is how the complete thing looks in game. :)


So I have finally got in to GTA 4 modding and to start off I am gonna give Johnny his old GTA 4 outfit back to replace his black leather jacket one in TLAD. Originally Rockstar was gonna make it so TLAD you could change between the GTA 4 outfit and his new TLAD one. But for some reason they didn't bother. So now I am gonna give him his old outfit back. Bare with me though as GTA 4 model rigging takes a good bit of time to learn for some. And since I have 2 years of gta sa rigging I have fairly picked it up fast. So enjoy some WIP pics of it so far. :)

What I need to do is move the upper model and eventually the legs back a bit so his neck isn't clipping through. Though the arms and general movement are rigged nicely. So if I can spend a bit more time on this you guys could see this released rather soon. :)

Sunday, 7 December 2014

[NEWS] So guys I am busy with life... and my mods being hosted on other sites?!

So guys I have been busy a lot lately and I am sorry for that. But job interviews are coming up and I need to go forward with them. But I will be back to modding fully soon. Now on to more serious matters. I have been seeing my mods hosted on other sites and none of these other sites have asked for permission. So starting from now any mods I release can only ever be hosted here. If I or any of you see my mods elsewhere, please message the hoster of my mod on this other site and tell them to either contact me or for them to remove hosting it as I am the only one who is to host it here. Here is an example. Since the website is in another language I can't really speak to them. So if any of you guys can send a message to them. That will be great. Thanks and see you guys soon!

The site I am talking about is here:

Monday, 3 November 2014

[NEWS] & [REL GTA SA] Bully Scholarship Edition Gary in his Halloween costume and a update on me.

So hey all. I am slightly back now. Life is still super busy, but I got a bit more free time to spare on rigging stuff. Going to do a few more simple model rigs now, since I have got back in to Bully again. I know I am super late for posting anything Halloween related. But here is a model I just had to rig anyway. It's Gary in his Halloween costume. Pretty simple and fun to do. I may do Pete in his bunny outfit later and add it to this post. But yeah I am half back. So yeah enough of me rambling. Enjoy the model!

See you around Hopkins! (Click to download)

If you spot any bugs on this model please tell me either on this post or on the chatbox. Thank you. :)

Friday, 24 October 2014

[NEWS] Life is crushing me!

Eugghhhh life can be heartless sometimes. Yeah if you haven't guessed I am posting less and less model released lately. It's because life is super busy and I am getting less time to mod and enjoy down time on the internet. So I don't know how long it'll be before I am releasing stuff again. It might be soon or a good while longer. I am still hunting for a job and that is still not easy. So we'll see how life goes. Apologies to those of you waiting for certain models to come out. But hopefully I'll get some stuff done soon. So keep an eye out and once again thanks for your continued support. :)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising 3 Rhonda Kreske!

So here is another DR3 model I will be working on now it has been extracted for use in XPS. :) It's Rhonda Kreske from the main game! It may be a a short or long while depending on how hard it will be to work with her goggles. But if they arn't that troublesome you should see this model in GTA SA soon. :)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Dead Rising 3 Nick in Chuck's DR3 outfit

Another mesh mod I did last night. I really like it as Nick seem to fit in to this outfit well. Not much to say other than it looks super awesome on Nick. I may release a version without the knife and chain on. Not sure yet so we'll see. :)

Oh man! (Click to download)

Friday, 3 October 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Dead Rising 3 Chuck in Nick's mechanic outfit (mesh mod)

So I did something for fun last night. I meshed DR3 Chuck in to Nick's default outfit. Used Chuck's head and the rest is Nick's body, even the arms. I had to get DR2 Chuck's arm texture and re-UV it to Nick's arms so it blends in well. So it came out well I think. So enjoy thus fun little mesh. Also I know the right arm of the top part of the outfit seems a bit buggy. I can't seem to fix that any more than I already have. So yeah hope you enjoy this. Expect more DR3 models and meshes in the future. :)

Comfy! (Click to download)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

[REL-GTA SA ] Dead Rising 3 Chuck Greene

So here he is. Older but still a total badass. It's Chuck Greene! Aged 39. I am super proud of this rig as everything seems to move well. I haven't seen any bugs yet. So if you see any please report them to me. Anyway here are some pics and the download :)

Badass! (Click to download DR3 Chuck!)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Dead Rising 3 Annie!

She is finally done and rigged. I am so proud to finally have her done. Also if you played through DR3 and got Ending S. You'd know what her real name is. :) Anyway here is some pics and the DL link.

The link is temporary as Dropbox has stopped people DLing my links since it is "generating too much traffic" So I'll use mediafire till that is sorted again. Also if you see any bugs at all please tell me. I don't expect this to be 100% good, mainly due to the bug I know of, where he jean legs go through her skirt a bit. But besides that I hope you enjoy. Now on to DR3 Chuck .:)

[WIP] & [NEWS] Dead Rising 3 Chuck Greene and update on Annie

It is finally happening. Now someone has converted Chuck as he appears in DR3, I can start rigging him. So for now here is a pic from the DA user who rigged him to XPS. He will hopefully be in GTA SA soon.

Also I seemed to have fixed Annie's jacket texture. Got to fully test her a lot more in GTA SA and then she will be released. Exciting times are happening people. GET EXCITED! :D

Monday, 29 September 2014

[WIP] & [NEWS] DR3 Annie update and my life update

First and foremost, I am sorry she was not released on the date I specified. I became ill the day after I posted the post about Annie and was bad for a few days, plus I have been job hunting so that took away some of my time, as well as this Friday I was celebrating my nephew's birthday since he is two years old now. So to all those people moaning about me not releasing it when I said, sorry but my life will always come first if it needs to be. I don't spend 24 hours in front of a computer just to make mods for you all you know.

Anyway back on to more positive things. Here is the state of DR3 Annie (Or her real name if you have finished DR3). She is looking good but the back of jacket is really bugged up with the texture. Not sure why, but I will try to fix it up soon as I can and if I can. Not gonna say when she may be released to avoid people going on to me for not releasing it on a specified date. Anyway enjoy the pics for now.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising 3 Annie!

So someone over at the facepunch forums managed to extract Annie. But he/she didn't wanna go through the long process again and won't be extracting any more meshes. But this is good as they left some info so us over at the DR modding forums may be able to get closer to making a tool to get these models out. But yeah for now I am rigging Annie and she will be released tomorrow!. :) For now have a pic. Credits to the original FP poster for the pic. :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising Maps to GTA SA

So I have been messing more with importing maps in to GTA SA. Importing the models from the Xbox 360 version of DR1. Found a tutorial on how to light up the maps too. It's pretty awesome and I love doing it. Not sure if I'll do the whole mall, but we'll see how this goes. :)

Friday, 5 September 2014

[NEWS] Dead Rising 3 models to GTA SA soon?

So DR3 is out on PC and already we over at the dr modding forums are messing about modding it and learning about it. What we have learned so far is a old script can unpack the npcs and player textures, but can't repack them and that the model's .big format can't be imported to 3ds max yet. But we are getting there. Textures are around 2048x2048. But for the purpose of this post and to not wait ages for the pic to upload, I will share Nick's face texture with you. So hopefully you will see DR3 models to GTA SA soon!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

[WIP] The 11th/12th Doctor's TARDIS

So I have been working on this vehicle mod since last night. Replaces the seasparrow with the 11th/12th Doctor's TARDIS. Has new collision and shadow to match the model. So no invisible rotor blades hitting walls now. The shadow needs a bit of work. The door needs to be edited to open the other way and the player and passenger need to be edited so their legs aren't sticking out of the TARDIS. I will also be looking for help on creating a cleo mod with this. Where this will be both a flyable TARDIS with sounds and the light working, as well being enterable, with a newly imported interior model to match aka 11's control room from the start of Series 5. And if it is possible, make it so once you are in the interior, you can fly it from the inside and end up at random locations on the GTA SA map as well as pick places to land/ I doubt the latter can be done, but we'll see. Something similar to this was done many years ago and it was working well, but then nobody bothered to finish it off. Also speaking of which I will see if I can get someone to do a cleo for the Sonic Screwdriver, so it locks and opens doors. So have it so it can open car doors that are locked and interiors you can only access on missions. More work but if it can be done and the person I find to do the cleo is happy to do it. We can get some fun little things appearing regarding this thing. :)