Tuesday, 25 February 2014

[NEWS] Assassin's Creed Revelations models?

Yeah I bought AC Revelations from the steam sale, as it was 75% off. So this means I can get some AC R models for you guys. Desmond doesn't seem to rip in the game's default pose. Also comes out with his legs and his hoodie in the walking position. Though other NPC characters seem to come out in the default pose. So far I have Desmond and Clay extracted. Going to try to get some more characters out like Yusuf and old Altair. So this'll be a nice change from the MGS theme that has been going on for a while. So have a render of Desmond for now. Also if you want a specific character from ACR, then please leave a request for one here or on the chatbox. Thank you.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

[REL-GTA SA] MGS2 Scub Diver Raiden

Well Snake is proving to be tougher to get done right than I thought. So I decided to rig Raiden instead. Since I gave Sakai the MGS2 Raiden without the scuba mask and since he has rigged it, I decided to rig the Raiden model with the Scuba diver mask on. Seems to have come out alright. But if you see any bugs please tell me. Also I made some custom bump maps for the GTA SA normal maps plugin mod. No huge difference really, other than the lighting on the model looks a bit better. So enjoy! :)

Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71327294/REL%20GTA%20SA%20MGS2%20Scuba%20Diver%20Raiden.zip

As always if you spot any errors or bugs on the model, then please post a comment on this post or the chatbox. Thank you and enjoy the model!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

[WIP] MGS2 Snake in the Tuxedo Outfit

So I am ripping MGS2 PC models now. Figured I'd try to rig the models captured in different poses and chose to have the characters lean against the wall. Not bad, but it proved bothersome for rigging and honestly doesn't turn out well in game. Alright when jumping though. So more work needs to be done before it looks good. So for now here is a WIP shot of it so far. Yep may not seem there is anything wrong with it, but standing still it looks terrible. But yeah will be trying to rig the model again in a different captured pose.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

[NEWS] MGS2 models?

So guys since I am still here and there with things, I decided to look in to getting the MGS2 PC models ripped in my free time now. But using the Solidus tools is pretty time consuming since you have to go through each MGS2 file to find each separate texture to the models. So I took a step back and used 3DX Ripper. Now it rips the textures and models nicely. Only downside to it, is that is sort of flattens the models in 3ds max once loaded up. But with a few edits here and there it is easy to fix and get the model looking good again. Another cool thing is 3DX Ripper bunches all the separate textures up in to one big texture. So this means easier texturing of the model. So I am gonna try to get MGS2 Snake in his MGS1 outfit out in a better position tonight and see if I can get him rigged. Will work on the other characters too. For now here is a render of how the first text to fix up and get Snake out looks.

Monday, 10 February 2014

[NEWS] New things and moving...

Hey all. So I apologise for the lack of releases right now. With moving house and everything I haven't really had the time to focus on the models. Once I get things a bit more sorted I will work on releasing something. But yeah updates to tell you so far. I have got rid of the old music player and put a new one in. Thought you'd guys would like some varied game music tracks and other music featured in games, or from TV shows while you browse the modding blog. Leave suggestions on the chatbox or on this topic for game music you want added. Also I may look in to animation modding for GTA SA and GTA 4. GTA4 I feel like changing the anims for gun holding to be more MGS holding I think. We'll see. Anyway sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully something new will be up soon.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

[WIP] & [NEWS] Some news and Old Snake in his Nomad outfit

So some things have happened and I won't be moving just yet. So I have a few more extra days this week before I fully move. So I am working on the MGS4 Nomad outfit. You won't believe how annoying the legs part of this model was. The hair textures are still the custom ones ac.amir posted on the facepunch forums though. Also credits to BigBoss of the facepunch formus for getting me the outfit textures and the textures for the MGS1 Snake head face camo that will be released once the HD textures for the octocamo suit are released. But for now here is a WIP pic. This might be a V1 release that I will be improving on in the future too.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

[NEWS] Won't be on for a week and no mod releases for a week

So guys since I am gonna be moving house this week I am gonna be super busy, also since I am going to a new place I need to disconnect my internet from the line here, but seeing as the internet provider I have no is being terrible, I am going to leave it and cancel it all to get a better one which should mean a better internet. So this will probably take a week with all the stuff happening and so on. So I may be without internet for a week starting from Wednesday. If I do happen to find out a little mobile internet/dongle I had that works as a pay as you go type of thing, I may be releasing a few things. If not I will see you guys in a week. Thanks for coming to the blog for the mods and I do apologise for the recent dropbox issue thing going on. Hopefully that will be sorted by the time I am back on. Anyway thanks and see you guys soon.

[NEWS] My dropbox is suspended again

So dropbox has once again suspended my DL links to my mods due to them generating too much traffic. So this is a downside to having a free dropbox. If you guys wanna help out with this to give me some more free space to upload stuff which means there should be less chance of the links getting suspended again, then sing up to dropbox with this link.


Hopefully dropbox will be back up soon for me. If not I may look in to uploading my mods on to skydrive or something. Sorry to the people trying to DL the mods so far as well.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

[REL-GTA SA] MGS4 Psycho Mantis

'This is no trick! It is true power!' Here we have it! Psycho Manti' model as it appears in MGS4. It is no see through it is all solid. No pun intended. The in game see through business was an effect the game did with the model. So he is rigged to the bone set like normal. The hands are too but he hands don't look so good. But limitations as always. If you want me to make his hands static then I can. Anyway one again no original bump maps came with this model, so I made some custom ones for the time being. Also I am gonna start labelling which model release are for GTA SA and GTA 4 when I start rigging or doing some small for it again. Anyway enjoy this model!

Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71327294/MGS4%20Psycho%20Mantis.zip

Link is temporary as dropbox has suspended my account again for generating too much traffic, which sucks as always. So a new link will be put here once dropbox is back to normal for me. Now if you spot any bugs or errors please do report them to me either here or in the chatbox. Thank you and enjoy the model!