Monday, 3 November 2014

[NEWS] & [REL GTA SA] Bully Scholarship Edition Gary in his Halloween costume and a update on me.

So hey all. I am slightly back now. Life is still super busy, but I got a bit more free time to spare on rigging stuff. Going to do a few more simple model rigs now, since I have got back in to Bully again. I know I am super late for posting anything Halloween related. But here is a model I just had to rig anyway. It's Gary in his Halloween costume. Pretty simple and fun to do. I may do Pete in his bunny outfit later and add it to this post. But yeah I am half back. So yeah enough of me rambling. Enjoy the model!

See you around Hopkins! (Click to download)

If you spot any bugs on this model please tell me either on this post or on the chatbox. Thank you. :)