Saturday, 20 May 2017

[REL GTA SA] Liberty City Stories Angel

So here is another LCS vehicle ported to SA from the mobile port's files. Includes it's HD textures and also a version with a SA license plate on the back along with the original LCS license plate too. Replaces the Freeway. Fun little bike to have since SA lacked any form of a Angel bike for the biker peds in SA. Hope you all enjoy it.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

[REL GTASA] Liberty City Stories (Mobile) Avenger

So not much to say about this. Other than this is the Avenger motorbile from Liberty City Stories you unlocked after finishing 12 Avenging Angel missions in Portland. The model and textures are from the mobile port of the game and it is one of my favourite unlockables in LCS as I love it's unique logo on it and the standard red colour. If you see any bugs on this, please let me know. :) Also I included a slightly edited carcol.dat file for the Freeway to give it one colour code which is cherry red. If you don't want the single colour. Then leve the Freeway as it is to get all the random colours the normal Freeway has.

Download from GTAinside

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

[REL GTA SA] Liberty City Stories Mobile Avenging Angels peds

So these are the two Avenging Angels peds from Liberty City Stories as they appear on GTA LCS Mobile with their updated textures. IN addition to these HD texsture from Mobile, I have also included their original LQ textures from PSP in case any of you want to use the LQ versions. These can work well over the grove street gang or bikers. If you spot any bugs. Please let me know.

HD mobile textures 

Old PSP Textures

Download from GTAinside! 

Monday, 8 May 2017

[WIP] GTA LCS Mobile Avenging Angels members to GTA SA

So not a lot to say about this. Just gonna be rigging the Avenging Angels peds (two of them all together) to be used as a replacement for any of the gangs in SA. Will include they HD Mobile textures and their original PSP LQ textures. Still a bit WIP due to some issues. But should be avalaible eventually.