Saturday, 3 August 2013

[NEWS] and [WIP] Case Zero Chuck Greene

So hello everyone. So it seems the links to my models uploaded on dropbox are working again so you should be able to DL those again now. That's the news side of things done. Now for the WIP news.

The WIP news is I am working on a Case Zero Chuck Greene model. Now before you go "OH YOU CAN GET MODELS FROM THE DLC XBOX ONLY GAMES NOW!?!!!" This isn't a direct model from Case Zero. It is using existing models from within DR2 PC. (Since CZ reused some of the DR2 outfit models)

Basically I am using models from within DR2 that were also used in CZ like the IJIEIK shirt is a reskinned Dr Metal shirt you found in the TIOD room. The jeans are the exact same model just retextured in CZ. The boots are unchanged. Chuck face and hair are the same. Just his face texture has the bandage on his scared eyebrow and his hair model was edited to make him look younger. Anyway thanks to the awesome guy called Wesyes on the DR2/OTR PC Modding forums he excellently reskinned the dr metal shirt texture to the CZ shirt one just by using in game screen shots from Case Zero of the CZ shirt. He gave me permission to use his reskinning work too. Now He will eventually reskin the jeans to the CZ ones and probably add Chuck's banadaged scar on his face texture soon. The hair model is gonna be tough to edit to look like it does in CZ. But it is doable I would think. :)  Anyway for now here is a render of what is done so far. Enjoy and leave feedback.