Sunday, 27 July 2014

[REL - GTA SA] Dead Rising small females request pack

So here is a request Dsg96 asked of me. (I hope you like what I managed to do by the way Dsg. :) ) Sadly Sophie was messing up way too much, that I had to leave her out of the pack, so there is 3 out of the 4 models in this pack. I may add Sophie in at a later date. Anyway here they are. I hope you all enjoy these models. If you spot any bugs please report them to me. Thanks. :) The pack includes Leah Stein, Dana Simms and Verlene Willis from the first Dad Rising game. :)

Download Link:

Also as always these models include their bumps maps for use with the GTA SA normal maps plug in mod. So enjoy these even more if you have that mod installed too. :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

[WIP] Another update on the four DR1 Female models pack request

So I am still working on these models, the hardest part with the female models is getting their arms right. So darn annoying. But I have got somewhere with Verlene. Her shoulders are still a bit buggy, but hopefully I can get those fixed, cause honestly they are getting me angry since whatever I am doing right now just makes them worse. Hopefully in the end all the models will come out decent. Also I will be re-rigging Sophie too as I am not happy with how she turned out in game.

Friday, 11 July 2014

SAMP PARP Screenshots

So this is where I'll be posting screen shots from the GTA SA SA-MP server I play on. It is called "Project Apocalypse Role Play" IG you will find me as "Chuck Sutherland". On the forums you'll find me as Solidcal, Just like I am on here. Of you follow the other modder known as Yuki, you'll know he always plays on the same server too. I will link the forums and the servers IP so you guys can join in, with the fun. :) Also enjoy the pics as I upload and update them on this post/page. :)

Uploaded on the 18/07/2014

Uploaded on the 12/07/2014

Also here is a very different pic. This is the FPS mod, so I am looking through my own characters eyes. Hence why you can see the cap rim in the shot. :)

PARP Forums:

SAMP Server IP:

[WIP] Requested DR1 Females pack

So here is another WIP I am working on. A small DR1 females a person requested on the chatbox. Who used a enerated anon name. So I don't know what to call them. XD Anyway so far Sophie is done, though I don't think the smoothing of her model went well. So she may be re-rigged and such. But right now she seems good. :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

[WIP] DR1 Zombies pack

So I am working on rigging some DR1 zombies, the HD ones from the original xbox 360 game obviously. So far I have got the cutscene zombie you see in the 7PM cutscene where the zombies eyes turn red and they become more stronger as it were. So far he is looking good, no bugs from what I can see. Obviously I do have more to rig, so I'll be working on them. Also to those who requested stuff, as I said on the chat, you'll have to bare with me from time to time. Busy with life every so often here. You know how it is. Anyway enjoy a shot of the rigged 7PM zombie that I have done so far. :)