Tuesday, 19 February 2013

[NEWS] DR1 TC Mod for GTA SA

So I have kept this quiet from you guys for a while but I decided now is the best time to share this with you all. Heres the link to the moddb page of it with all the info you need.


Also we are still looking for members. If you have experiance with coding,model rigging or anything else that would be useful then drop us a PM. I have the same username on the moddb site btw. Also read in the comments for the username of the mods main leader if you need to PM him for any reason. If we feel you are useful then we would happily like you to join. Just don't waste our time if all you can do is retexture things as we don't need a retexturing member at all.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

[NEWS] So I haven't posted anything lately...

Sorry for not posting or uploading anything lately guys. I can't figure out what to upload that will be easy to rig. I might rig some AC1 models if I can extract them. Or maybe some Prince of persia the sands of time. or some beyond good and evil or even rayman 3 and farcry 1 since I got those games on pc a couple days back. So until I figure out what to rig this blog will stay quiet for a while. Sorry about this guys.