Saturday, 26 January 2013

[REL] AC3 Connor's Tomahawk!

Hey guys! So today I give you Connor's Tomahawk from Assassin;s Creed 3! This will replace the knife. So enjoy and use it with julio's (his blog is in my faves list on my blog) Connor model to give it more of that AC3 feel! :)

Download Link:

[NEWS] & [WIP] Desmond from Assassin's Creed Revelations!

So hey all! I have a new model I am rigging that isn't a DR2 otr OTR model! XD It is Desmond as he appears in Assassin's Creed Revaltions. I got a buddy of mine to use a ripper on the game to get Desmond out. But the ripper messed up on a few things like the co-ordinates for the textures were messed up and his legs were in a running position for some reason. So I used a few bits of the AC Brotherhood desmond to fix him up. Anyway this is how he looks so far. Just gotta do a double check and fix any co-ordinates of textures still then I can fully work on him and get him in GTA SA! :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

[REL] Dante's trailer from the new DMC game

Heres a map object I did. It is Dante's trailer from the new DMC game. I couldn't decide where to put it so I put it near where the LV sign is. Also theres a few bugs with the model that I can not fix due to the model itself. Either way it is still nice to look at and gives a little change to the map. :) I hope you guys enjoy it.

The location of it is here.

Download Link:

If you have any problems send me a message on the chat box or comment on this post.

Friday, 18 January 2013

[REL] Fallout New Vegas Joshua Graham bandaged!

Not much to say about this skin as it was a request someone I knew asked for so enjoy!

If you find any bugs please alert me and I shall try to fix them.

Download Link:

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

[WIP] & [NEWS] Back to modding and Chuck Greene in the complete Knight/Arthur's armour outfit

Hey yo guys.So seeing as this outfit is in DR2 and the OTR model importer 3ds max script doesn't work with DR2 I used this neat tool called Ninja Ripper.It is fantastic and rips the models in the games default pose.It makes for a easier rig too :) Anyway heres a render of the outfit i am rigging to GTA SA.Also I hope you all had a great new year.Also keep an eye out later for a DR2/OTR weapon I will release for GTA SA.Anyway enjoy this pic.