Tuesday, 28 August 2018

[NEWS] So it's been a while...

So hello guys it's been a while. As I am sure some of you know I have not rigged or posting anything in over 8 months and this was down to me having no passion to rig any more and the fact I had life stuff going on. Looking at the blog now I still don't really have an urge to rig anything still. So for now this modding blog is put on hold till I have an urge to rig something or maybe write tutorials up for those of you who have an urge to try rigging yourself. I have posted a how to rig tut a couple years ago or so, but I know some people like the more in depth stuff. So if you have a question you want answers. Just drop it in the chat box on the right and capitilise it with "QUESTION" and if it's a question I can go in depth with. I will do a post here putting as much detail as I can in to it.

So with that said I'll see what the future is like and see if wanting to rig ever returns.