Tuesday, 19 December 2017

[REL-GTA SA & NEWS] The Last of Us 9mm Pistol

So hey all. I am alive and have been doing things. Recently found a tool that can convert the ps3 naughty dog games. AKA Uncharted 1-3 and The Last of Us. So decided to rig a few models from it. Here we have TLOU's  9mm Pistol. Merged the normal map texture with the diffuse one to give it some extra detail in GTA SA. So hope you guys enjoy this small thing.

Download from GTAinside here!

Also yeah I've been gone for a couple months and haven't really uploaded anything. This is mostly due to life things and the fact my passion for rigging to gta has been very low lately. Like kind of don't feel as excited to release something. Which is evident by the page views. Though I know this is mostly due to me not releasing anything 18+ like others. So yeah kind of slowed down and decided to focus on other things I wanna do and life stuff.

Will I stop the blog though? Probably won;t. I'll still do stuff here and there when I feel in the mood to do so. But I think the posts may have times where I can go a month or more without sharing anything.

So thank you to those who have stuck around and shown continuous support here on the blog and on GTAinside.