Monday, 29 September 2014

[WIP] & [NEWS] DR3 Annie update and my life update

First and foremost, I am sorry she was not released on the date I specified. I became ill the day after I posted the post about Annie and was bad for a few days, plus I have been job hunting so that took away some of my time, as well as this Friday I was celebrating my nephew's birthday since he is two years old now. So to all those people moaning about me not releasing it when I said, sorry but my life will always come first if it needs to be. I don't spend 24 hours in front of a computer just to make mods for you all you know.

Anyway back on to more positive things. Here is the state of DR3 Annie (Or her real name if you have finished DR3). She is looking good but the back of jacket is really bugged up with the texture. Not sure why, but I will try to fix it up soon as I can and if I can. Not gonna say when she may be released to avoid people going on to me for not releasing it on a specified date. Anyway enjoy the pics for now.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising 3 Annie!

So someone over at the facepunch forums managed to extract Annie. But he/she didn't wanna go through the long process again and won't be extracting any more meshes. But this is good as they left some info so us over at the DR modding forums may be able to get closer to making a tool to get these models out. But yeah for now I am rigging Annie and she will be released tomorrow!. :) For now have a pic. Credits to the original FP poster for the pic. :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

[WIP] Dead Rising Maps to GTA SA

So I have been messing more with importing maps in to GTA SA. Importing the models from the Xbox 360 version of DR1. Found a tutorial on how to light up the maps too. It's pretty awesome and I love doing it. Not sure if I'll do the whole mall, but we'll see how this goes. :)

Friday, 5 September 2014

[NEWS] Dead Rising 3 models to GTA SA soon?

So DR3 is out on PC and already we over at the dr modding forums are messing about modding it and learning about it. What we have learned so far is a old script can unpack the npcs and player textures, but can't repack them and that the model's .big format can't be imported to 3ds max yet. But we are getting there. Textures are around 2048x2048. But for the purpose of this post and to not wait ages for the pic to upload, I will share Nick's face texture with you. So hopefully you will see DR3 models to GTA SA soon!