Saturday, 10 May 2014

[REL GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid 4 "Big Boss" and Drebin face camo with the Octocamo Outfit

So here we are. Two more camo heads to add to the collection. I spent 3 days getting the raw model files out and extracting these myself and texturing them. You won't believe how much of a maze it is to find these textures. Anyway jere we have the "Big Boss" face camo which is in fact Solidus' face and not the real Big Boss' face and the smooth and cool cat Drebin face camo. All with the original bump maps included. So yeah hope you enjoy these and please be sure to report any bugs or errors I have made to me. So yeah with the raw model files you can expect more MGS4 characters once I find them out. :)

Download Link:

Thursday, 8 May 2014

[REL GTA SA] Sleeping Dogs Jane Teng

So here I am, finally with another model rig! Had a bit of a "modder's block" (similar to writer's block) and that stopped me from rigging anything. I knew I could easily rig something but the passion wasn't there to do it. Anyway that has been dealt with and I got something rigged. So anyway here is Jane from Sleeping Dogs along with her normal bump maps too. I hope you enjoy this model and like always be sure to report any bugs to me.

Download Link:

Thursday, 1 May 2014

[WIP] Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen in Rico's outfit from Just Cause 2

So here is a Sleeping Dogs model I am working on. Wei in the DLC outfit aka Rico's outfit from Just Cause 2. It should be an easy model since the whole outfit is all one texture, including the shoes. Only the head, hair, hands and arms are seperate textures. Will work on this tonight. So expect this and hopefully Jane and Sandra tomorrow. :) Enjoy a render of Wei in the outfit for now.