Tuesday, 27 January 2015

[WIP- GTA SA] Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Satan and Kenzi (Hell version)

So with the newest stand alone SR game comes new models and since they use the same format as sr3 and 4 before it, extracting the npcs and such arn't that hard. So working on these two characters now. Not ETA on them yet though. :) So enjoy some renders.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

[REL-GTA 4] MGSV Ground Zeroes iDroid over Niko's phone (only over his model he holds in his hand)

So guys since many GZ models seem to be getting rigged to Gmod now, I managed to find the iDroid and rig it over Niko's phone in GTA 4. So here it is. :)

Click to get your own iDroid!

How to install?
Go to "GTAIV\pc\data\maps\prop\lev_des\
Open "minigame.img" with spark IV or Open IV
Then replace the two original files with the modded ones. Rebuild then then fire up your game.

Also this will replace only the model Niko holds in his hand, not the one that displays on screen.

Also the texture is edited. You see the phoen only has a normal diffuse texture and no bump or light maps, so what I did was merge the diffuse texture with the bump map to give it it's detail back. So I hope you guys and girls enjoy it :)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

[REL-GTA 4] Dead Rising 1 Bear mask for Niko

So hello all and happy new year to you all. So here we are in 2015. So what better way to start it off than a model mod? Here I have rigged the dr1 bear mask to replace Niko's robbers mask. Pretty funny and if you use the simple native trainer to wear it early, it makes many of the cutscenes more humorous. Anyway here it is and I hope you enjoy it. :)

Hahahahahahaha! (Click to download)