Thursday, 29 November 2012

[REL] Cutscene Ran Fa Li/Farlie in game!

So I got another cutscene model rigged for use in game in GTA SA!This one is Ran Fa Li or better known as Farlie.He is the Triad boss that never speaks in the 3 mission cutscenes of GTA SA involving Woozie.So here he is in game for you to play as and what not.Oh do note that because of his size his hands are a bit off on holding weapons like the M4 and shotgun.But I can see no bugs on him other than the model size.I may try to fix this later in the future.But for now enjoy the model!

Download Link:

[REL] Cutscene OG Loc in his Burger Shot worker outfit

Hey guys!So I know it has been a while since I released anything.So today I decided to rig one of GTA SA's cutscene only models.This one is OG Loc when he is working at Buger Shot.Now I can't see any bugs with it,but if you happen to see any post about it in the comments of this post or on the chat box.

Download Link:

Enjoy!Also thanks to the 30,000+ peopel that have viewed and visted the blog so far!I hope to get many more and release more mods for you all :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

[NEWS] Finally finished playing AC3!

So I finally finished playing assassin's Creed 3 and it was fun.The ending was not great though.So thts been distracting me the last 5 days.Also I have been having a break from modding in that time as well and I am still working and focusing on my work for the GTA SA total conversion mmod I am working on.So I am srroy to say I may not get many models released still.I might throw out a few weapon models though :) So stay tuned guys and thanks for your patience :)