Saturday, 10 June 2017

[REL GTA VC] LCS Beta Toni in his Leone Suit

So here is another beta LCS model from the PS2 files. This one is of a beta Toni in his Leone suit, which is a reskinned Mr Vercetti suit from Vice City that Rockstar did btw. (Guess they were gonna reuse more VC assets before the changes on more stuff). It is fully rigged for VC and is only in game model. No cutscene model for it here. And as before with the beta AA outfit, some of the pics are taken in the LCS2VPC mod too, to emphasise the LCS feel of the model too. So hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you see any bugs.

Download from GTAInside

Friday, 9 June 2017

[REL GTA VC] LCS Toni in his beta Avenging Angels Outfit

So as the title says. This is Toni from LCS in his beta Avenging Angels outfit when he was wearing a red beret. You can see this outfit in a pre-release screenshot for LCS. This model thankfully is left in the files of the game and was extracted from the PS2 game files. Had to make some slight modifications as the model was a cutscene model only and no in game model, so did a bit of mesh editing to have the proper in game hands and not the t-posed ones. Also some of the shots with this outfit were took in the LCS2VPC mod hence why they show a LCS Liberty City alongside the VC shots. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this and let me know if you find any bugs or issues with the model.

Download from GTAInside