Monday, 31 December 2012


Well guys this is the last day of 2012 so I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that have taken interest in my blog this yeah and for all the visits!So i wish you all luck in 2013!Also keep a eye out next year for more awsome models from me.Also I wanna say big thank to Diego4fun for his awsome and simple model rigging tut for peds.Without that tut my blog here would have never exsisted!So thanks a lot Diego!Anyway enjoy today and see you all in 2013!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

[REL] DR1 Frank default outfit re-released with 3 DLC outfits!

So hey guys.Since today is christmas day I can all give you a gift :) This is the re-release of DR1 Frank in his default outfit with 3 of his DLC outfits as extras!So enjoy and merry christmas to you all!

Download Link:

If you see any bugs I will fix them after the new year!MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D

Monday, 24 December 2012

[NEWS] So it's christmas tommorrow

So guys it is christmas tommorrow.I know I haven't uploaded DR1 Frank again as I didn't have time to re rig and fix him today.So I will try to get him done for tommorrow before I apend christmas with my family.So keep a eye out for a re-release of DR1 Frank in your stockings tommorrow! :)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

[NEWS] I noticed a mistake on DR1 Frank West

Right guys so after looking at the Frank West model I rigged I notcied I used the wrong texture on Frank's chest part.The little bit that shows anyway.So I will be taking down the DR1 Frank link and I will fix him up and post the new link to him.Sorry about this guys.I will include a few extras in the re-release of Frank :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

[NEWS] Well I feel good now

Well I am in a good mood now.Someone uploaded a vid with both my Megaman frank model and the default DR1 Frank model.This is a great feeling to see other people are enjoying your hard work.So to the guy that made this (you know who you are) thank you. :)

Also epic vid.The part with the cleo script to be the mega buster had me in stiches. XD You my good sir are AWSOME! :D

[REL] DR2/OTR Psychopath Brandon!

Hey guys heres another DR related model.Brandon from DR2 and OTR!

Download Link:

Oh just a quick note guys I did this model in a hurry since it was a really easy one to work with.So there may be a small bug on it.I am not to sure.So if you see one then report it to me ASAP in the comments or the chat box.Thanks :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

[REL] DR1 Frank West in his Default Outfit Final Release!

So guys I finally fixed up Frank's neck.It is now smoother and has no horrible bugs with it.So the link for the beta release is no longer up as it has been replaced with the final release version which is bug free!Enjoy guys.I really had a lot of fun finally getting Frank done.Expect a trailer vid on this post soon. :)

Download Link: (Will be reuploaded soon)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

[REL] DR1 Frank in his default outfit! (Beta release)

So here you go guys DR1 Default Frank!Now as you can tell from the title this is a beta release.I named it a beta release as Frank is a big buggy on his neck.I need to smooth out that part of his model.Anyway the rest of him is working great and I really wanted to release him.So here he is.I will work hard on fixing his neck so we can all enjoy a bug free DR1 Frank :)

Edit: Download link for this beta release is now gone and been replaced with the fixed no buggy final release of DR1 Frank.Check the post at the top of this post to download the bug free versuon. :)

P.S. Please do not steal my work!Especially this one as I have spent far to much time on it as it is right now!Thank to all the honest people out there and I hope you enjoy all my models :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

[REL] DR1 Frank West in the Megaman Outfit!

Hey again guys!I have something special for you today.Yep DR1 Frank in the Megaman outfit!So theres a few bits of bugs on this model that I can not fix because of how GTA SA's bones are set up.So his knees come through the megaman boots so thats something I can't fix.Also the visor on the helmet is there but because of how SA handles the alpha and see through models it has made the whole visor see through.But it is still there.So you may see a black line appear near the helemet.That is the visor you will see.Well the line of it.But besides those bugs the model works pretty okay and is stable enough to be released.So enjoy and pist feeback and what not! :)


Saturday, 15 December 2012

[REL] Chuck Greene in the Journalist Suit AKA Frank's DR1 Default Outfit!Celebrating 30,000+ Views!

Hey everyone.Sorry I haven't been posting a lot.Been bad for a week and recently got a bad cold.Anyway heres a model release I finally got done to celebrate 30,000+ Views!It is Chuck in the Journalist Suit AKA Frank's DR1 Outfit.Now before anyone asks this is not the outfit from DR2 Case West.This is the actual outfit model from the DR1 model files from the xbox 360 game and the model parts of Chuck from the DR2/OTR PC games.So you will find this model no where else besides here on my blog here.If you do see it anywhere else please report it to me and I will check it out and deal with it.Anyway guys enjoy this model.Also sorry to the people expecting it to be the banned UMVC3 Magneto outfit.Also sorry for any bugs you find on this model.It was a tough model to work with.If the bugs bother you then leave a comment in the comment box of this post or the chat box and I will fix this model for you guys.Anyway enjoy! :)

Download Link:

Saturday, 8 December 2012

[NEWS] Gonna be taking a break

Yeah I am gonna take a break now guys.Mostly cause I haven't had one in a while minus my hiatus for a while.Also I am taking a break as I am not feeling too well either.I'll try to get something done as soon as I feel up to it again.Thanks to those who understand. :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

[WIP] UMVC3 Maya Fei!

Yes you read that right!Phoenix Wright's trusty assistant/partner is coming to GTA SA!She is generally looking good right niw.I need to move her hair and things about so they don't get attached to her clothuing.So I will be working on her and Magneto in his banned DLC outfit during the rest of this week.You can expect Maya soon!For now enjoy a render of her! :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

[WIP] UMVC3 Magneto banned DLC outfit!

So I got a little treat for you guys.I am gonna rig Magneto's banned DLC outfit from UMVC3!Why was it banned you ask?Well for the people from spain you can see it looks similar to one of the spanish royalties outfits.So that said royalty complained to capcom and the outfit never got released for download.Well it is technically on the disc already with all the other DLC.But you know.Anyway it can not be used in UMVC3 at all unless you use a glitch on a unpatched version of UMVC3.Anyway this is something I am gonna rig to GTA SA to celebrate over 30,000 views so far!Heres a render from 3ds max for you to gaze at till this is released :)

Edit: Heres a in game pic for you all! :)
Yeah he still needs some work :)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

[REL] UMVC3 Phoenix Wright DLC outfit model!

Well guys after many hours of not getting anywhere with rigging the hands properly I decided to rig the whole hand to one bone.So now I can give you Phoenix Wright in his DLC outfit from UMVC3!This is him in his college outfit you get to see him wearing during the Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations game.This pack included both textures for his English name and initials on his chest and feet and his japanese one.I hope you enjoy this model and appriciate all the hard work I put into this.So enjoy!Also if you spot any bugs then please post about it in the comments or on the chat box.Thank you guys. :)

Download Link:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

[WIP] UMVC3 Phoenix Wright DLC outfit aka his College outfit from the Ace Attorney game Trials and Tribulations

So this is a WIP I am doing right now seeing as I wanted to rig this model for a while.I have extracted this myself from the UMVC3 files.I had some problems with his head but I managed to sort that out before I rigged him.Also this will include two different versions of his DLC outfit.The one with his English name initials and one with his Japanese name and initials.Heres how he looks right now.

English Version

Japanese Version

Now I may rig Maya some day.She is kinda more complicated to rig than Phoenix/Ryu is.So keep your eyes peeled.Also I will be rigging the UMVC3 Character weapons too.Like Thor's Hammer and Captain America's shield.So till then keep a eye out on this blog.Follow it if you like to get alerted sooner. :)