Wednesday, 29 January 2014

[REL] MGS4 P90

So while I try to work out some bugs on the Big Mama model here is the P90 gun from MGS4 with the original bumps maps that came with it, they have been applied for use with the normal maps plug-in mod. Enjoy!

Download link:

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

[REL] MGS4 FROG Soldier/Trooper and Five Seven handgun

So here we have another MGS4 model, the FROG soldier/trooper. We also have the Five Seven handgun included too. This one was a bit difficult around the legs area due to the static model's legs being so close together. But I fixed those issues and as far as I can see the model looks fine. The bump maps weren't included with the model right now sadly, so I have done some custom bump maps for it, which are included in the txd for this model. SO those who have the normal map plug in will see the difference. The gun was easy since thankfully weapons don't have or need any bones. The gun also has it's original bumps included since I heard the bump maps for guns can work with the plug in as well. Also the hands are using the gta sa bones so they kind of close up weirdly. So if you guys want the hands to be all rigged to one hand bone each like past models then please to say and I will do it. Anyway enough of me babbling on. Enjoy the FROG Soldiers/Troopers!

FROG Soldier/Trooper
Five Seven
If you spot any errors or bugs I may have missed on this model please report it to me either on the chatbox or the comments section of this post. Thank you.

Monday, 27 January 2014

[REL] MGS4 Raging Beauty

So I am happy to give you guys the first release of an MGS4 character rigged to GTA SA. Not Old (Solid) Snake but it is a good model. This is Raging Beauty, the human form of Raging Raven from ACT 3 of the MGS4 story. She had the extra dangly bits with her mode as they are separate. But they wouldn't look too well in GTA SA not being able to move about. So I deleted them out. If you guys want me to add them back on I will. Anyway finally here is the first of may MGS4 characters in GTA SA. :)

Download link:

Bump maps are included for the people who have the normal maps plug in. Enjoy and report any bugs to me. Also if anyone would like to host this on their site or another site please ask me permission since this took a while to rig. Also the hands move with the GTA SA bones. I left them like that since the model fit to them pretty well, so this is the first model in a while that have fully rigged hands. Also if you spot any bugs or errors please to report them to me by either commenting here or on the chatbox. Now that is out the way go and enjoy having this Raging Beauty in your game.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

[NEW] & [WIP] Custom models/mesh modded models

So today I have been trying out with mesh modding some models together to create a custom model. So I was ask this to any of you visitors or watchers visit the blog on how would you feel about custom/mesh modded modles? I ask since I have got an outbreak like Isabela here from DR1 done. sort of based on some zombie movies and an outfit I saw on the show called Falling Skies (Which is good so far btw) So opinions on this? Below is a pic of the Isabela one that has been done so far. It will include an injured and dirtied set of textures too. So give me opinions before I release these models. I am sure many will be great for the SAMP RP servers that are set in a apocalyptic world or a post-apocalyptic one.

(Hair appears like that rendered cause 3ds max has some issues rending the alpha right. In game is will look normal.)

Friday, 17 January 2014

[REL GTA SA] GTA 5 Trevor Phillips

Right so with the hair alpha issue sorted I give you guys Trevor for GTA SA as a ped. Now I made sure to fix every bug I could find on this. If any of you spot a bug or a rigging error then please do comment showing a pic of the area where you found the bug or error. So without further ado I give to you the crazy psycho known as Trevor aka the one man crazy army.

Download link:

The txd file contains some custom bump maps for this model since the originals weren't extracted as well. The bump maps will show up if you have the normal maps plugin mod. Besides that the model will appear normal. I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. :) Also since Julio has already rigged Michael I will rig Franklin as soon as he is extracted. Also I do apologise if you have any bug issues with this. The model was awkwardly hard to rig. But if you spot any errors I will do my best to fix them.

Monday, 13 January 2014

[NEWS] & [WIP] GTA 5 Trevor Phillips

So Trevor is coming along nicely. I was able to PM the original extractor and get the model link from him. Right now Trevor is looking good in game but he needs some more fixes. So ETA for his release will be tomorrow. So don't worry. This psycho shall be available to torment your game or for you to use on a RP server. :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

[NEWS] Special rig is coming soon...

So after browsing DA and looking at the great models on there rigged to XNAlara I noticed something awesome, MrGameboy20XX has got and is rigging GTA 5's Trevor Phillips to XNAlara. Seemed some person on facepunch PMed it to him. So with this awesome news I will be rigging Trevor to GTA SA once he is released for XNAlara. So keep an eye out. :D

(Pic from MrGameboy20XX)