Friday, 25 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Mesh mod Mrs Clause Quiet (Merry Christmas 2015!)

So in the spirit of Christmas I give you all a nice christmas themed mesh mod. Quiet in a Mrs Claus outfit. Merry Christmas to you all out there and see you in 2016!

Download here!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Custom DmC Dante in a Hoodie

So Christmas is upon us again and with that another year of modding is close to being over. I thank all of you for taking interest in this blog. I may not be as fast as good old Diego with his models, but I am glad you all took interest and waited for stuffr to come out despite me being one busy guy this year. So anyway with the ramblings over here is a custom made Dante from DmC I did. I meshed his head and hands with a combination of clothing items from the lowrider dlc update that GTA 5 Online had a while ago. So have some fun with this. If possible I will try to get something Christmas related out today or tomorrow. So enjoy and have a good one guys.

"At lease I have a bigger d..." (Download Link here)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Dead Rising 3 Angel DLC Episode 2 (Fallen Angel) Hood version

So here she is. The cool Angel is here! Enjoy!

Yeah yeah! (Download Link)

If you happen to spot any bugs on this model do inform me of them as I may have missed some on this model due to it having a hood and such. Thanks and enjoy it! :D

Sunday, 13 December 2015

[UPDATE for MODS] Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel's Angel

So with those couple of models from TPP done I am planning to do some from Dead Rising 3. One of these being Angel who appears in the main DR3 story and the DLC episode called Fallen Angel. I will be planning to do her tank top non hood version eventually. If there are any characters you want to see from DR3 let me know as I am planning to go through the game a bit and get some characters as well as some weapons. Maybe some cars too as I will be handing some to Diego. Anyway here are some renders of the awesome Angel. :)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Laughing Wallaby in the MGS3 EVA DLC outfit Unzipped

Here we go! Laughing Wallaby in the MGS 3 EVA DLC outfit! This is a test release as I am not sure if it is buggy for others in the hair area. So if there is please report it to me. But for now enjoy this release. :)

Edit: Thought I'd show this rig being used on a female as some are saying the arms look too odd from the shots above. The outfit on Wallaby is generally bulky in places in TPP anyway. But yeah below is how it will look being used on a female model that uses female animations. Shoulders look better here don't they? Please if you think females look odd in my shots, that's because I use them over a male model when I shouldn't but it's faster to get shots that way. But from now on I will just try to show female models using the female anims like below. Thanks

Train me boss! (Download)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Quiet in the Sniper Wolf Outfit

So finally after nights of pulling my hair out, Sniper Wolf Quiet is here! Thanks to Diego help me out with the buggy hands issue I can finally release this awesome model. Have fun guys! :)

Hmmmm...hmmmm hmmm hmmmm! (Download)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

[UPDATE] Update on Sniper Wolf Quiet and what the heck is going on with me

Right hello all of you who follow the blog. I've been busy lately with work so I have had less time for pumping out a lot of model rigs as you can see. I work mondays to thursdays and don't get back till like 6pm at night so you can imagine how tired I can get. Friday's is volunteer work for a local charity so on saturday and sunday's are the days I get some free time. Mostly saturday's are the best days I can get stuff done, but are the only days I can get some games played that I want to play. Sunday's are time spent with my family. So all this stuff means I am slower with rigs but you know life will always come first before model rigs.

Now on to the update on Sniper Wolf Quiet from MGSV TPP. She is being rigged and has been re-rigged over and over again but I seem to be struggling with fixing up her hands properly. This may be down to the model used to rig her in to gta sa or I am not positioning it all correctly enough hence the mess up in the hands. I will eventually get this done as it's the only rig that's been stopping me from releasing it. I have already been insulted over the WIP image of her a while back which I do not take kindly too as I am busy with life. If you actually rigged yourself you'd understand how hard some mdoels can be. Now if worst comes to worst and I am still struggling with it I will ask for some help from Diego4fun as he is a friend of mine and someone's tutorial I followed to actually rig in the first place. So yeah just wait and it will eventually come. Thank you to those of you with the patience to wait for this release. Thanks.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Dead RIsing 3 Nick in the Tuxedo outfit

So finally a new rig and one I have been wanting to do for a bit. Managed to get this due to the new Ninja Ripper being able to rip from DR3 now. So you can expect things from DR3 in GTA SA now. Also I do plan on doing a custom mesh using the schoolgirl outfit Nick and Dick can wear and morphig it and recolouring it to be like Katey's/Annie's schoogirl outfit from the x1 exclusive arcade mega super fun fun dlc thing. :) Anyway here it is! Also I guess you could say this is from the x1 DLC as tuxedo nick appears there too. :)