Tuesday, 22 May 2012

[NEWS and WIP] Some news and another WIP

Ok so I know I haven't released a lot of my WIPs yet.Thats due to me trying to get them rigged and getting frustrated with the bugs that keep showing up on them.I'll work on them soon enough.The Zero Suit Samus one I will work on when I get the female skeleton from GTA SA for that model as the male skeleton messes up samus' structure mainly the arms.Also I showed Deeay from RE ORC a while back but said I needed to fix his hair bug.I can not get it fixed though so it will be a while before I release Deeay.So sorry to the people wanting him.
Anyway heres another WIP of mine.

Psycho Chuck Greene without his Katey doll.
Theres a few bugs to fix on his.Like his jacket is attached to his face.and his overall body needs to be more in sync with the SA bones.Oh and don't worry about that white part on his hand.Thats just his missing watch texture there XD

So heres a list of the WIPs I have and how long and if I can fix them up.

Time:No idea yet.May be a while.
Bugs:Hair bugs

Zero Suit Samus
Time:Maybe a day or two.
Bugs:Arms being weird with a male skeleton.

DR1 Frank West
Time:No clue yet.
Bugs:The whole model is buggy and I need to see if I can really fix it up.

DR1 Cultist member
Time:Might not be long if I can get it to work nicely.
Bugs:The face and hood part.It may be left with that one bug as it doesn't seem fixable because the models layout.

DR2 OTR Psycho Chuck without his Katey doll
Time:Shouldn't take to long.
Bugs:Half of the model has some bugs.


  1. Replies
    1. Listen dude I know you want that model.But you need to realise this rigging models business is not easy!Some models just don't work well with SA or go weird in 3ds maxSo please either be patient and wait till I can get a better mode to work with.Or wait till another modder may do it.Or learn to rig models yourself,then you can understand how complicated it is to do.So I appricate you wanting this model.But be patient and wait please.