Tuesday, 31 December 2013

[REL] Happy New Year 2014 small models pack

So Happy New Year to you all. Here we are in 2014! So to kick things off here is a small pack with 3 models rigged. 4 If you count the other version of Lady Deadpool. Anyway I hope you enjoy this. Expect more models for 2014! :)

Dead Rising Greg Simpson

Dead Rising Sally Mills


Lady Deadpool with and without Katanas


As always report any bugs to me. Also Lady Deadpool was converted from Gmod and she has a big HD texture for her whole body. These all come with bump maps applied for people who have the normal maps plugin mod for gta sa. So they should appear up for you if you have the mod. Also one bug I can't fix is an issue with Lady Deadpool's body bump maps. It sort of gltiches between light and dark in some areas on her. Also even if you don't have the normal map plugin mod the models will still work and just show the models without bump maps. So I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the skins and happy New Year to you too.

  2. Awesome,
    Bro,can ΐ request skin



  3. Awesome job! :D i Love sally Mills :D ♥ she was one of my favorite survivors from dead rising :)