Monday, 29 September 2014

[WIP] & [NEWS] DR3 Annie update and my life update

First and foremost, I am sorry she was not released on the date I specified. I became ill the day after I posted the post about Annie and was bad for a few days, plus I have been job hunting so that took away some of my time, as well as this Friday I was celebrating my nephew's birthday since he is two years old now. So to all those people moaning about me not releasing it when I said, sorry but my life will always come first if it needs to be. I don't spend 24 hours in front of a computer just to make mods for you all you know.

Anyway back on to more positive things. Here is the state of DR3 Annie (Or her real name if you have finished DR3). She is looking good but the back of jacket is really bugged up with the texture. Not sure why, but I will try to fix it up soon as I can and if I can. Not gonna say when she may be released to avoid people going on to me for not releasing it on a specified date. Anyway enjoy the pics for now.

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