Wednesday, 1 October 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Dead Rising 3 Annie!

She is finally done and rigged. I am so proud to finally have her done. Also if you played through DR3 and got Ending S. You'd know what her real name is. :) Anyway here is some pics and the DL link.

The link is temporary as Dropbox has stopped people DLing my links since it is "generating too much traffic" So I'll use mediafire till that is sorted again. Also if you see any bugs at all please tell me. I don't expect this to be 100% good, mainly due to the bug I know of, where he jean legs go through her skirt a bit. But besides that I hope you enjoy. Now on to DR3 Chuck .:)


  1. Beaufitul release dude. Thanks a lot!

  2. My game crashes when I'm choosing her. :/

  3. I'm tired of playing man in games and your mod is what I am looking for Dead Rising but the download file no longer exists. Can you re-upload it, please ?