Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Casual leather jacket Dante with a beard for GTA SA

So I know I've been gone a while. Busy busy life and other stuff happening. Back now and with being back I bring a custom mesh model from XPS rigged for a friend of mine. :)



SumireHaikuXNA for the leather jacket dante mesh for XPS and the texture for another dante mod they did that had a beard.

Me for rigging it to gta sa.

Anyway have fun with this guys. Expect some dr3 model to come eventually.



  1. Hello. Solidcal.

    Thanks your great works.

    First, i apologize.
    Sorry my personal request. (And bad English.)

    I have one request.
    Do you have 'MGS4 Raiden' Model? (Not MGR Costume Model.)
    If you can share. Please. Share it.

    I think you like MGS. So, i request.

    If you don't like this post. Sorry. Really.

    Thanks. And Happy Birthday.

    1. No I haven't got mgs4 raiden from MGS4 at all sadly and it was my birthday a month back. But thanks anyway.

    2. Oh. Sorry about that.
      And, Really Thank you Reply.
      Have a nice day.