Monday, 17 July 2017

[REL GTA SA] JJBA Eyes of Heaven The World


So after rigging Tequila Joseph, I got requested to do The World. (But was gonna plan to do it anyway ;) )

So I hope you enjoy this and as always let me know if any bugs show up. Now go and stop time for 5 seconds in GTA SA!

Download from GTAinside!


  1. Hey man the rar file just have the skin of Zero, the san fierro nerd! are u just trollin or somethin'?

    1. Very late reply but no that is what I just named the filename to test it over Zero. If you literally swap the files or check the txd you;d see it is the model as showed here. It's a common thing for people to name modded files to an actual model name the game has as people will rename it themselves anyway.