Saturday, 16 March 2013

[NEWS & WIP] I'm back and got a great model I have wanted to rig for a while.

So guys I am back and everything has been restored. Now thank to many modders we can now extract Metal Gear Rising Revengance models. And right now I am rigging the Gray Fox DLC/model/Outift for GTA SA with none of those annoying bits of Raiden's weapons. It'll just be Gray fox with nothing. I was gonna post this news last night but didn't have time. Now if all goes well you can expect him some time today if we are lucky.


  1. Here the model looks good, one more thing, if not for the trouble could do zombie skins of DOOM 3, maybe this will serve:, I'm glad you're back and good luck with your future projects.

  2. Awesome solid,cant wait for the release!!1