Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[REL] Metal Gear Rising Revengence Gray Fox and Fox Blade!

This too longer than expected. Anyway to compinsate for the lateness of this skin I have rigged the extracted Gray Fox Fox blade! :D So enjoy. Theres also two txd files for this model. One with the red ligh on the eye and one with it off. Enjoy! Also there may be a few bugs on this model.Believe me it was annoying riggin this model. So if you see any just tell me and I will fix what i can. Also the left leg go a bit weird when you are crouched. I think that is a limitation with the model being rigged to the GTA SA skeleton. So if I can I may ask martin or diego if they can help me with the issue with the leg. If not then at least you have Gray Fox HD in GTA SA. Also the leg isn't that noticeable from certain angles. Anyway enough talking. Heres the model that comes with the Fox Blade. :)

Download Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/71327294/MGRR%20Gray%20Fox%20and%20Fox%20Blade.rar


  1. Awesome man!Can i do video of your skin?i will put you in te credits :D

  2. Hi! Im making now MGR mod for gtasa and i used ur awesome gray fox skin for the demonstration of version 1.12. thanks for ur great job!

    please take a look my mod, if u have a time:)


  3. This might be out of the blue, but I have a question.

    Do you think you could rig Shuma-Gorath from UMvC3? I've been trying to find a model of him and I cannot anywhere.
    The thing is, I need him for the program XNALara, so if you can't port him to that do you think you could just port his model?