Monday, 15 April 2013

[NEWS] Donation Button

In regards to the Donation button. This button is for donations. Now if you are thinking the worst about me,let me explain. The donations are not gonna be used all for myself. All donations raised from you guys will be halved. Half of the donations will go to the Cancer Research UK charity since that is a cause close to my heart I want to help. The other half of the donations will go towards getting games you guys want me to rig models from. I don't really intend on trying to profit from the game creators work. I just want to be able to rig anything you guys want me to. The models I release will still be free no matter what. So don't worry about that. But your donations will not only help a good cause. But also allow me to rig models from a wide range of games. So thanks guys. Also no matter what happens all my work for you guys will stay free. Thanks for reading this.

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