Thursday, 25 April 2013

[REL] The Silence/Silent from Doctor Who!

Hey all. So I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who ever since the reboot of it started in 2005. Being in the UK means I get to see it before America and so on. Anyway this alien is a Silent. In a group they are called The Slience. Basically you would forget your encounter with them as soon as you looked away from them. This model of the Silence came from the free Doctor Who The Adventure games that you can download free off the BBC website. It is a PC only game though. Anyway here you- (looks away from the Silent) Huh? What happend? Why am I at the laptop again? Why are there tally marks over my arms? Did I just upload something to the blog?
Download Link:

If you see any noticeable bugs then please comment on this post or leave a message on the chat box. Thank you.

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