Friday, 24 May 2013

[NEWS] & [WIP] James Hellar Test Subject DLC model

Hey guys. First I would like to apolgise for not being back on here after 5 days. I did actually get back after the 5 days but I was really tired and had a lot of stuff to do in the few weeks after that. PLus I haven't be able to sleep properly due to a re-ocurring nightmare. Anyway I'm dealing with that and slowly getting back to normal. Anyway I spared some time out of the hetic schedual to attempt to rig this James Hellar Test Subject DLC model. It's a low poly,low textures model though. If any of you have the higer quality textures then please hand them to me so I can make this model look better. So this should hopefully be released some time this weekend or Monday next week. So yeah enjoy the preview of this WIP.

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