Monday, 27 May 2013

[REL] James Hellar Test Subject DLC model

Here you go guys. I know that this model is a little bit late,but I was trying to fix as many bugs as possible. If I have missed any then please report the bugs to me in the comments or on the chatbox. Anyway enjoy the model guys. :)



  1. Dead rising guns plz m4 I keep hopping and hopping for it

  2. The one from dead rising one with the grenade I'v seen it in your video but the one in ur video didnt have the grenade launcher on it I check your blog everyday btw keep up the good work I love ur mods hope to see more good stuff soon hope you can do my request I love dead rising one I love the special forces outfit and that gun it would be amzing to see them guys in gta hope you see this callum don't give up soon :)