Tuesday, 25 March 2014

[NEWS] & [WIP] MGS4 Big Boss news and progress

So the riggning for BB is a lot tougher than expected. His legs are a pain in the butt to work with. His coat/jacket obscures a lot of the bugs, so it is darn hard to get to them. For the most part in game he looks good. Though it is weird. His more HD jacket and face texture look bad. HD face that is 1024x1024 and Jacket which is the same size look way too different in colour. But his other face aka the 512x512 and his small sized jacket texture look better ad much closer to the colour in game in the cutscenes. As you can see on the pics it looks really close. Though the person who extracted the textures ay have exported them at the wrong sizes. So that may change if someone fixes that. Anyway when BB is done I will release a texture with both the lower quality textures and the high ones. SO at least then you can choose between them and which one you like better. Well anyway here is how he looks in game thus far.

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