Friday, 28 March 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Custom MGS4 MGO2 White Male A model

So with thisistheend being able to extract most of the MGO2 player characters, outfits and items, I decided to through some random outfits together on the bearded white male model. I think it came out alright. Also he managed to get Japan only exclusive items, like the Regain shirt and the regain bottle hat thing. Anyway this is first custom one I have thrown together. If any of you who played MGS4's MGO2 and had a character you used a lot, I'll be happy to find the outfit models for it and recreate it in GTA SA for you. So yeah hope you enjoy this and feel free to request your MGO2 char being redone as a ped for GTA SA. :) Also it includes the original bump maps too. So you can use it with the normal maps plugin mod. :)

Feel free to report any bugs if you notice them. Either on the comments on this post or on the chat box. Anyway hope you enjoy this! :)

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