Friday, 11 July 2014

SAMP PARP Screenshots

So this is where I'll be posting screen shots from the GTA SA SA-MP server I play on. It is called "Project Apocalypse Role Play" IG you will find me as "Chuck Sutherland". On the forums you'll find me as Solidcal, Just like I am on here. Of you follow the other modder known as Yuki, you'll know he always plays on the same server too. I will link the forums and the servers IP so you guys can join in, with the fun. :) Also enjoy the pics as I upload and update them on this post/page. :)

Uploaded on the 18/07/2014

Uploaded on the 12/07/2014

Also here is a very different pic. This is the FPS mod, so I am looking through my own characters eyes. Hence why you can see the cap rim in the shot. :)

PARP Forums:

SAMP Server IP:

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