Sunday, 27 July 2014

[REL - GTA SA] Dead Rising small females request pack

So here is a request Dsg96 asked of me. (I hope you like what I managed to do by the way Dsg. :) ) Sadly Sophie was messing up way too much, that I had to leave her out of the pack, so there is 3 out of the 4 models in this pack. I may add Sophie in at a later date. Anyway here they are. I hope you all enjoy these models. If you spot any bugs please report them to me. Thanks. :) The pack includes Leah Stein, Dana Simms and Verlene Willis from the first Dad Rising game. :)

Download Link:

Also as always these models include their bumps maps for use with the GTA SA normal maps plug in mod. So enjoy these even more if you have that mod installed too. :)

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  1. OMG! I LOVE DANA SIMMS! it was so sad when she died in dead rising! but now you have her in GTA! you are the best! thank you soooo much! <3