Sunday, 26 April 2015

[REL-GTA SA] Dead Rising 2 Case West Frank West in the Journalist Suit/his default outfit for GTA SA

So I am back a bit and actually had the urge to rig a model again today. This is the actual Case West outfit model obtained from the CW npcs.big and the model was imported in to 3ds max using a rever engineered script to import the geo model files. The texture however are not the CW textures. They are in face the DR1 textures. Capcom reused and halved their size in CW for some reason and changed the belt colour to brown. I did the same for the texture. I changed the belt to brown to match the CW version of the outfit. Also I merged the textures with their normal/bump maps to give them more detail without you guys needing the normal maps plugin mod. So I hope you enjoy this model as it is the only one that can have reused textures applied to it. I may try to do a custom set of texture for the scientist outfit aka the dr wily outfit soon. Anyway enjoy!


Like always report any bugs to me here on the comments or on the chatbox. :)