Tuesday, 28 April 2015

[WIP] Dead Rising 2 Case West Frank West in the Lab Coat outfit

So another actual outfit model from CW. Which we still can't get textures from. But capcom re-used npc parts and their textures when the created this model. So I took these textures and photoshopped them to change the colour to match the colours of the outfit in CW. After a long a day and a half of work and using a screen shot for the belt buckle. It is now finished. Will be rigging this soon. :)

Also here is pics of the outfit as it appeared in game. Obviously Chuck is wearing it but the textures used are the same in CW with Frank's.

So expect this soon. I will be looking at if I can recreate or use textures to texture the phenotrans security outfit and maybe the phenotrans casual wear. :)

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