Saturday, 2 August 2014

[REL-GTA SA] Ninjato blade

So this was a katana replacement mod request from a user on the Project Gaming community who asked me to do this for him. His username is Smokey. The ninjato model and original texture was made by a user for Skyrim, his/her name escapes me though. So full credit goes to him/her for the model and the original textures. The reskin of the hilt/handle goes to the requester called Smokey. Anyway there is a lack of blade mods for GTA SA apparently. Saw one ninjato mode made on the russian gta sa mod ste. But it appeared to be too long and too thin when compared to the blades IRL size. But anyway enough of my ramblings. Here is the model for you all to enjoy. :) Also before I forget, credits to Thomas Raymond aka Audi from the Project Gaming community who posed for the first pic. He is also a modder. Be sure to search up Audi in google or wait till I add his blog in to the favourite blog lists on my blog here. Anyway DL link and pics time. :)

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