Saturday, 30 August 2014

[WIP] The 11th/12th Doctor's TARDIS

So I have been working on this vehicle mod since last night. Replaces the seasparrow with the 11th/12th Doctor's TARDIS. Has new collision and shadow to match the model. So no invisible rotor blades hitting walls now. The shadow needs a bit of work. The door needs to be edited to open the other way and the player and passenger need to be edited so their legs aren't sticking out of the TARDIS. I will also be looking for help on creating a cleo mod with this. Where this will be both a flyable TARDIS with sounds and the light working, as well being enterable, with a newly imported interior model to match aka 11's control room from the start of Series 5. And if it is possible, make it so once you are in the interior, you can fly it from the inside and end up at random locations on the GTA SA map as well as pick places to land/ I doubt the latter can be done, but we'll see. Something similar to this was done many years ago and it was working well, but then nobody bothered to finish it off. Also speaking of which I will see if I can get someone to do a cleo for the Sonic Screwdriver, so it locks and opens doors. So have it so it can open car doors that are locked and interiors you can only access on missions. More work but if it can be done and the person I find to do the cleo is happy to do it. We can get some fun little things appearing regarding this thing. :)

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