Wednesday, 13 August 2014

[WIP] 10th Doctor David Tennant in the 9th Doctor's/Christoper Eccleston's outfit

So I am back again with something that has been mesh modded. Many of you may remember the DT model I rigged way back like last year. The model that was made from scratch by a awesome guy on DA. Well I have meshed it with other models to re-create the 9th doctor's outfit with the black shirt he wore in the episode where he changed to the 10th. I know a few things are missing, like the jacket pockets and the pants need to be a bit darker, also there is nothing I can do about the hair to match the newly regenerated 10th doctor's hair at the end of series 1 of DW from 2005. Unless I spend a lot of time with trial and error to get something similar. Hmm we'll see. Anyway this might be a while, but I thought I'd share it with you guys anyway. Also below is a run down of the models used to make this.

Update: Finally added in the pockets. Not the best but at least they are there. Nearly done with this. Will rig it soon. Also new pics added to replace the old one too.

Custom made David Tennant.
Frank West's DR1 default outfit.
Shirt is from the Fallout Who Vegas mod and so is the texture that was purple. I re-coloured it to be black.

The the rest of it is re-colouring. :)