Thursday, 24 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Custom DmC Dante in a Hoodie

So Christmas is upon us again and with that another year of modding is close to being over. I thank all of you for taking interest in this blog. I may not be as fast as good old Diego with his models, but I am glad you all took interest and waited for stuffr to come out despite me being one busy guy this year. So anyway with the ramblings over here is a custom made Dante from DmC I did. I meshed his head and hands with a combination of clothing items from the lowrider dlc update that GTA 5 Online had a while ago. So have some fun with this. If possible I will try to get something Christmas related out today or tomorrow. So enjoy and have a good one guys.

"At lease I have a bigger d..." (Download Link here)


  1. pack skin fatal frame 4 plis ♥

    1. I don't have the game or a link to the models. So unless you can provide them I can not do anything.

  2. HEY MAN!!! I need this skin! but link with error. You deleted this file