Thursday, 10 December 2015

[REL - GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Laughing Wallaby in the MGS3 EVA DLC outfit Unzipped

Here we go! Laughing Wallaby in the MGS 3 EVA DLC outfit! This is a test release as I am not sure if it is buggy for others in the hair area. So if there is please report it to me. But for now enjoy this release. :)

Edit: Thought I'd show this rig being used on a female as some are saying the arms look too odd from the shots above. The outfit on Wallaby is generally bulky in places in TPP anyway. But yeah below is how it will look being used on a female model that uses female animations. Shoulders look better here don't they? Please if you think females look odd in my shots, that's because I use them over a male model when I shouldn't but it's faster to get shots that way. But from now on I will just try to show female models using the female anims like below. Thanks

Train me boss! (Download)