Monday, 27 January 2014

[REL] MGS4 Raging Beauty

So I am happy to give you guys the first release of an MGS4 character rigged to GTA SA. Not Old (Solid) Snake but it is a good model. This is Raging Beauty, the human form of Raging Raven from ACT 3 of the MGS4 story. She had the extra dangly bits with her mode as they are separate. But they wouldn't look too well in GTA SA not being able to move about. So I deleted them out. If you guys want me to add them back on I will. Anyway finally here is the first of may MGS4 characters in GTA SA. :)

Download link:

Bump maps are included for the people who have the normal maps plug in. Enjoy and report any bugs to me. Also if anyone would like to host this on their site or another site please ask me permission since this took a while to rig. Also the hands move with the GTA SA bones. I left them like that since the model fit to them pretty well, so this is the first model in a while that have fully rigged hands. Also if you spot any bugs or errors please to report them to me by either commenting here or on the chatbox. Now that is out the way go and enjoy having this Raging Beauty in your game.