Friday, 17 January 2014

[REL GTA SA] GTA 5 Trevor Phillips

Right so with the hair alpha issue sorted I give you guys Trevor for GTA SA as a ped. Now I made sure to fix every bug I could find on this. If any of you spot a bug or a rigging error then please do comment showing a pic of the area where you found the bug or error. So without further ado I give to you the crazy psycho known as Trevor aka the one man crazy army.

Download link:

The txd file contains some custom bump maps for this model since the originals weren't extracted as well. The bump maps will show up if you have the normal maps plugin mod. Besides that the model will appear normal. I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. :) Also since Julio has already rigged Michael I will rig Franklin as soon as he is extracted. Also I do apologise if you have any bug issues with this. The model was awkwardly hard to rig. But if you spot any errors I will do my best to fix them.

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