Tuesday, 28 January 2014

[REL] MGS4 FROG Soldier/Trooper and Five Seven handgun

So here we have another MGS4 model, the FROG soldier/trooper. We also have the Five Seven handgun included too. This one was a bit difficult around the legs area due to the static model's legs being so close together. But I fixed those issues and as far as I can see the model looks fine. The bump maps weren't included with the model right now sadly, so I have done some custom bump maps for it, which are included in the txd for this model. SO those who have the normal map plug in will see the difference. The gun was easy since thankfully weapons don't have or need any bones. The gun also has it's original bumps included since I heard the bump maps for guns can work with the plug in as well. Also the hands are using the gta sa bones so they kind of close up weirdly. So if you guys want the hands to be all rigged to one hand bone each like past models then please to say and I will do it. Anyway enough of me babbling on. Enjoy the FROG Soldiers/Troopers!

FROG Soldier/Trooper
Five Seven
If you spot any errors or bugs I may have missed on this model please report it to me either on the chatbox or the comments section of this post. Thank you.

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