Sunday, 19 January 2014

[NEW] & [WIP] Custom models/mesh modded models

So today I have been trying out with mesh modding some models together to create a custom model. So I was ask this to any of you visitors or watchers visit the blog on how would you feel about custom/mesh modded modles? I ask since I have got an outbreak like Isabela here from DR1 done. sort of based on some zombie movies and an outfit I saw on the show called Falling Skies (Which is good so far btw) So opinions on this? Below is a pic of the Isabela one that has been done so far. It will include an injured and dirtied set of textures too. So give me opinions before I release these models. I am sure many will be great for the SAMP RP servers that are set in a apocalyptic world or a post-apocalyptic one.

(Hair appears like that rendered cause 3ds max has some issues rending the alpha right. In game is will look normal.)


  1. Replies
    1. I'll take your request if I want to park. Or if it interests me. Not trying to sound like a jerk here but I'll do it if I feel I want to, Not if someone keeps going on about it.

    2. Okke,hope you interest my request.

  2. I think it looks quite nice, it would be a nice addition to my skin cache~