Tuesday, 4 February 2014

[NEWS] Won't be on for a week and no mod releases for a week

So guys since I am gonna be moving house this week I am gonna be super busy, also since I am going to a new place I need to disconnect my internet from the line here, but seeing as the internet provider I have no is being terrible, I am going to leave it and cancel it all to get a better one which should mean a better internet. So this will probably take a week with all the stuff happening and so on. So I may be without internet for a week starting from Wednesday. If I do happen to find out a little mobile internet/dongle I had that works as a pay as you go type of thing, I may be releasing a few things. If not I will see you guys in a week. Thanks for coming to the blog for the mods and I do apologise for the recent dropbox issue thing going on. Hopefully that will be sorted by the time I am back on. Anyway thanks and see you guys soon.

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